Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quick update

I am just making a quick update in case anyone wonders if I fell of the face of the earth!

This spring and summer were beyond crazy, and I had to make difficult choices on how to spend my time and efforts. The more I let the blog go, the easier it became to ignore it. The tougher life got, the harder it was to write posts that were honest and transparent. Now I am at the point where I need to either overcome my embarrassment and post something, or abandon my blog altogether. I am choosing to persevere and hopefully to be more consistent.

The big news is that we are now licensed as a foster family. We can have up to 4 foster children, ages 0-7. We haven't had a placement yet, but we got a call about a potential placement last week, so at least we know we are in the loop!

Basketball practice begins in full swing tomorrow. Syd is coaching our JV boys' team, which Josiah and Gideon will be participating in, Leah will play on the JV girls' team, and David is back on the varsity boys' team. Three different practices, three days a week, plus games beginning the end of October and going through February. YIKES!

We are back in school, trying to get settled in a routine. As I've said before, "Routine is the oil that keep this machine running." Working on schedules, menus, and academic plans has been keeping me busy.

I am reading some good books lately. For daily devotions/Bible reading I am using the My Utmost Devotional Bible. I really love this. The bible is divided into 365 daily readings, one OT passage, a Psalm, Proverbs, and a NT passage. There is also an Oswald Chambers devotional reading for each day that relates to one of the Bible passages. I am always challenged to deeper faith by Chambers' writings, and they have been very timely as we have traveled this foster care journey.I am also reading Radical by David Platt. Talk about something that will make you examine the very core of your faith and walk with the Lord! This book is convicting, challenging, enlightening, and tough -- really tough. I hope to post more on my reactions to it at a later date.

I am turning over a new leaf and am determined to get more sleep. I am 90 minutes behind schedule already, so I best close for now. I am praying for renewed hope, comittment, and vision for this blog.

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  1. I am SO GLAD you are turning over a new blog leaf! I miss you!!! Love, Bambi