Friday, September 16, 2011

First Foster Care Assignment

In my last post, I made reference to a crazy, roller coaster spring and summer. Much of that was due to the effort we were expending to be licensed as foster parents. The training, home improvements, baby-proofing, and inspections culminated in our being licensed in August. We went on the placement list the first of September. Since then, every time the phone rings, I wonder if it is "the call."

Well, "the call" finally came. We are scheduled to have a respite care placement the last weekend of September -- two sisters ages 1 and 5. They are with another foster family and we will be giving those foster parents a well-deserved weekend break. The next week we are probably going to have our first long term placement -- a 2 year old boy, 4 year old girl, and 5 year old boy. They will probably be with us for a couple of months. 

As we prepare to welcome these children into our hearts and home, I am burdened to pray for them. These months might be the only ones in their lives where they can experience the love of Christ in action. I am praying for our own children -- that they will be welcoming, generous, "on board" with us in this ministry.This is a huge undertaking that we would never take on unless we felt the call of God on our lives. 

Even with the Lord's calling and blessing, I know there will be tough times and lots of adjustments. Satan has already begun throwing his fiery darts, and we need to be walking in love and grace like never before.

I will chronicle this journey, no matter how messy it may be. In order to protect the privacy of our foster children, I cannot post identifying details or photos, so any images I use will be generic ones and not children in our care.

Faten your seat belts and come along for the ride!

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